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The responsible person in terms of the press law and the § 6 Telemedia Law (TMG) is:

Patent Attorney
Dr. Ernst-Peter Heilein
Robert-Bosch-Str. 22
D-85716 Unterschleißheim
Lkr. München Nord

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Responsible Chamber: : Patentanwaltskammer, Tal 29, D-80331 München.

Legal indications & exclusion of liability:

All texts which can be found on the Internet pages of the Patent Law Office Dr. Ernst-Peter Heilein serve only as gratuitous general information and are nor appropriate nor are they predestined for being utilised as a legal advice for a respective case. This would in fact assume a knowledge of all circumstances of the case from the side of the adviser. No liability is assumed for the correctness, the completeness and the actuality of the information offered. Besides, no liability will be assumed resulting from the utilisation or application of this information. Instead I propose to ask an attorney of your choice for legal advice and information for your respective case. I am pleased with the communication via e-mail but would like to point out that by transmitting a e-mail to the law office - just as it is with all other medias - a mandate relationship only comes into existence if it is confirmed explicitly and/or implied to take the case in a delay which is expected for the respective circumstances.

Professional Liability

According to the PatAnwO (Professional Regulations for Patent Attorneys) Patent Attorneys are obligated to have a professional liability insurance with an insurance sum of 250.000 Euro minimum. Details are to be found in § 45 PatAnwO.

Copyrights & Conditions of use:

All texts on the Internet pages of the Patent Law Office Dr. Ernst-Peter Heilein and their layout are subject to the copyright law, unless they are in the public domain because of legal exceptions (for example legal texts and judgements). So a copy without explicit authorisation by the author is only admissible in so far as this is necessary for the normal utilisation, thus for the demonstration of the page on the screen. This includes the automatic and temporary storage in the cache of the used browser. Any copy, distribution or revision beyond this requires a preceding written permission of the proprietor of the copyright. The exclusive rights of exploitation, distribution and other assignable copyrights belong to Dr. Ernst-Peter Heilein.

Photos Creditis:

Under the following link you will find the credits of the photos used on this homepage.

Profession of the Patent Attorney:

All authorized Patent Attorneys in the Federal Republic of Germany are members of the German Patentanwaltskammer (Responsible Chamber). Authorized representatives before the European Patent Office are additionally members of the institute of representatives authorized before the European Patent Office. They are subject to the following professional regulations:
- Patentanwaltsordnung (PatAnwO), published in BGBl. I 1966, p. 557, latest changed by BGBl. I 2001, p. 3656;
- Berufsordnung der Patentanwälte (BOPA), published in Mitt. 1997, 243 ff.;
- FICPI Standesregeln (Professional Regulations);
- Code of Professional Conduct of the epi (epi-information 2/2001, p. 75).


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